Week in Review #3

Week in Review #3

Welcome to Week in Review #3

Each Sunday, we will provide an update on all the cool stuff that has happend during the week, in case you missed it - or just want to be reminded ;-)


This week, we have


 What must you not miss?

  • We are working on a new page with on-fly-updated preorder dates. This is our way of trying to cope with the current global shipping delays. We are working on the page, so feel free to follow and provide feedback! 
  • We have added Facebook login, so you can use your Facebook credentials to logon/create a user (remember, users earn rewards by simply using the site!)
  • Because we love exclusive Funko Pops, we are expecting yet another massive shipment next week. Again we will receive more than 200 Funko Pops, so have fun!
  • ... and lots of other stuff!



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