Week in Review #8

Week in Review #8

Welcome to Week in Review #8

Each Sunday, we will provide an update on all the cool stuff that has happend during the week, in case you missed it - or just want to be reminded ;-)


This week has been very eventful!

  • Festival of Fun Funko Pops can now be preodered from a certain page - how cool is a digital convention place?!
  • Monday to Thursday have been a celebration of US Exclusives as part of Black Friday. Pops of the Galaxy has the biggest selection of US Exclusive Funko Pops in Denmark (and likely in all of the Nordics). We think thiis is pretty cool, and hope you enjoyed the events! Let us know if we should have done anything differently
  • Black Friday was epic! Never ever has so many collectors enjoyed so many cool and discounted Pops. We are shipping all of them today, so YEAH!! 
  • During Black Week, we have had an option of 'Pay Later'. Do you think we should keep that option?


 Something to look forward to?

  • Next week will mark the month of December. Have you considered gifting Funko Pops as a gift? If so, you might want to see the latest you can purchase.
  • Monday might be special.. stay tuned ;-)
  • .. Oh, and we receive a bunch of commons you have preordered and will start shipping. Like Harry Potter and Wall-E!



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