Why do we love Pokémon?

Athe beginning of every Pokémon game your mom essentially gives you a packed lunch and sends you into the streets. At 10 years old. You’re given your first Pokémon by a kind Professor Oak, and you have your first battle.

From then on, you're in charge of your own destiny and have to figure things out yourself. You go where you want, you catch and train whichever Pokémon you like, you pick fights. Your mom calls you all of about nine times over the course of the entire game and she never really seems to mind much that you’ve been setting animals upon each other for sport and following around international terrorist organizations, who want to use Pokémon for evil.

Pokémon is an adult-free world, which is ultimately the fantasy of every adventurous kid. It’s one where children have agency and control and power. With Pokémon Funko, you can re-kindle that child-like carefree world, whether you choose Pikachu, Bulbasuar or Meowth as your starter!

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