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90s Coca-Cola Polar Bear

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Funko Pop #158 90s Coca-Cola Polar Bear

"Nothing beats the refreshing chill of a Coca-Cola. So, let's lift one up and feel the magic of the moment!"

Step back into the 90s with this nostalgic Coca-Cola Polar Bear Funko Pop! Belonging to the highly sought-after Ad Icons category, the 4-inch figure captures everyone's beloved arctic mascot from the Coca-Cola advertisements of the era. This 90s Coca-Cola Polar Bear Funko Pop is a must-have for any dedicated collector or anyone who appreciates a dash of vintage charm. The attention to detail on this Pop figurine replicates our lovable mascot friend perfectly. The bear's cheerful smile, combined with the iconic Coca-Cola scarf, makes this a truly memorable and distinctive piece. Add a refreshing splash of nostalgia to your collection with this 90s Coca-Cola Polar Bear. It's more than just a figurine. It's a part of pop culture history. Whether for display or play, this Funko Pop is ready to bring some vintage magic into your home. Remember - nothing personifies the joy and warmth of the 90s better than the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. So, don't miss out. Get yourself this delightful piece of nostalgia encapsulated in a 4-inch Funko Pop! Tailor-made for collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts alike, the 90s Coca-Cola Polar Bear FunKo Pop is waiting to fill your home, office, or collection with that classic 90s vibe. Add this cool, icy friend to your cart today!

All that you also need to know..

Known from: Coca Cola

Category: Ad Icons

Number: 158


Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark