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Carl And Ellie

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Funko Pop #1338 Carl And Ellie (Boxlunch Exclusive)


"Adventure is out there, but the greatest adventure is living life together." - Carl and Ellie, Up!

Presenting our exclusive, limited edition 'Carl and Ellie' Funko Pop figurine! Standing 6 inches tall, this vibrant piece of collectible art is sure to spark joy in the hearts of both avid Disney enthusiasts and Funko Pop collectors alike. Crafted with attention to detail, the whimsical pair is known from the heartwarming animated film, 'Up!'. This rare Funko Pop captures the essence of the characters in the most adorable manner, making it an ideal addition to an existing collection or as a standalone display.

This is no ordinary Funko Pop; it's a Box Lunch Exclusive! That means you're not only acquiring a high-quality product, but also a part of an exclusive club of Disney fans who appreciate fine collectibles. The 'Carl and Ellie' Funko Pop figurine adds a hint of nostalgia and Disney magic to any space it graces, be it your living room shelf, your office workspace, or your child's room. Treat yourself or your loved ones with this delightful Disney treasure, and let the charm of Carl and Ellie light up your surroundings!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Up!

Category: Disney

Number: 1338

Edition: Box Lunch Exclusive

Height: 6 inch

Shipping: From Denmark