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Daemon Targaryen

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Funko Pop #5 Daemon Targaryen


"I am not simply a Targaryen, I am Daemon Targaryen, the fire that refuses to die. Yield to me or face my wrath!"

Unveil the majesty of Westeros with this captivating Daemon Targaryen Funko Pop! Known from the massively popular series, House Of The Dragon, this exceptional piece stands proud at 4 inches, perfectly encapsulating every intricate detail of the daring Daemon. Belonging to our House of The Dragon category, this Funko Pop is a must-have for any Game Of Thrones fan or collector. Explore the world of the Targaryens in miniature form with this meticulously crafted figurine. Its tailor-made design, true-to-show colors, and premium-quality materials all add up to make an outstanding collectible that's equally great for playing or displaying.

Whether you're a hardcore Funko Pop enthusiast seeking to expand your collection, a House Of The Dragon fan wanting a tangible piece of your favorite show, or simply scouting for a unique gift for that special someone, this Daemon Targaryen piece is an excellent choice. Invest in this fantastic piece of merchandise today for an unforgettable addition to your collection. Remember, in the world of collectibles, every detail counts - and this Funko Pop has them all! Don’t miss out on this stunning Daemon Targaryen Funko Pop!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: House Of The Dragon

Category: House Of The Dragon

Number: 5


Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark