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Pops of the Galaxy

The Godfather (VHS Cover)

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Funko Pop #02 The Godfather (Walmart Exclusive)

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.


Raise a glass to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather with the Pop! Vito Corleone and VHS Cover set. The Walmart Exclusive Funko Pop! VHS Covers of The Godfather features a black-and-white Pop! of Vito Corleone, holding a glass of champagne. A touch of red from the rose on the lapel of his tuxedo stands out against the black-and-white color scheme. Pop! Vito Corleone comes pre-packaged in a premium protector case along with the VHS cover art. Expand your Pop! Movies collection today with the Walmart Exclusive VHS Cover art.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: The Godfather

Category: VHS Cover

Number: 02

Edition: Walmart Exclusive 

Height: 21cm

Shipping: From Denmark