Collecting US Exclusive Funko Pops

Collecting US Exclusive Funko Pops

Why collect US Exclusive Funko Pops

Because it is worth it! And a lot of other reasons, we will add in this blog post. 

Funko, Inc. is a US headquartered company and the US Funko Pops are diamonds outshining other markets. For instance, exclusive Funko Pops are limited to various US retailers, such as Target, Walmart or Hot Topic.

Some - but not all - of these Funko Pops might release "overseas" (Europe, Australia) but will no longer feature the retailer sticker. Instead, the Funko Pop will feature the Special Edition sticker. 

You can find our selection of US Exclusives Funko Pops right here


Why the sticker matter to some collectors

It depends on the collector, of course. To a lot of the collector community, the box as well as the Pop figure are worth collecting and the box matter to a lot of the collectors. 

Collectors are collecting for many different reasons. One of which may be having the exclusive piece in the collection - and therefore, having the Funko Pop with a rare sticker counts. And who are we kidding? The retailer stickers are dope!


Another brick in the wall

Showcashing your Funko Pops as an in-box collector, the US Exclusive stickers will stick out - pun intended - in the collection. And it adds to new ways of showing the Funko Pops; like this is the FYE Exclusive part of the collection, and here we have the GameStop exclusive part!

But what about the value

The US Exclusive versions of Funko Pops are almost always valued higher than the Special Edition counterpart. But hey, who really cares as long as the right exclusive get to spawn a bit of nostalgic fun in the living room!


It all sounds great, but..

How do I get some of those sweet US Exclusives? Easy - and you have come to the right place!

Pops of the Galaxy has more than 525+ US Exclusives in-stock as we write this blog post and we are thus the retailer with the biggest selection of US Exclusive Funko Pops in all of the Nordic countries. 


You can find our selection of US Exclusives Funko Pops right here

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