Do you collect in-box or out of box? For us, it depends! But as collectors we love to showcase our US Exclusive Funko Pops with cool in-box setups!

We are collectors, and we love collecting the rarest of the Funko Pops. Therefore we are proud to offer a wide range of US exclusives with the original US stickers, of course. So if you are a keen in-box collector - or just a collector of the coolest Funko Pops - we guarantee you can find the next addition to your collection here. That is how we can #KeepCollecting

We are collectors, but we collect - as many others - the newest and most rare Funko Pops.

We love to add the coolness of the US Exclusive stickers to our collections. Whether you collect only at Target exclusive Funko Pops, your Funko Pop collection consists of Disney Princesses, or you just want to most awesome Funko Pop, your next addition to the collection must be an exclusive.

All of our Funko Pops are carefully packaged and shipped with love from our warehouse in Denmark. We do not know if the box is relevant to you, but it is to us. So we urge you to #KeepCollecting and share your collection regardless of you are collecting in-box or out of box.

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We are Danish collectors and all our Funko Pops are stored in Denmark and shipped from Denmark. We are proud in our selection of US Exclusives Funko Pops which is the largest in all of the Nordics. We are also collectors, and we love the joy of receiving that mail call with that new exclusive.