About us

About Pops of the Galaxy

Pops of the Galaxy is a Danish incorporated business purposed of delivering a Funko Pop only experience. 

Pops of the Galaxy is established by three Danes who are passionate collectors of Funko Pops themselves, and this passion drives our every decision. The feeling of nostalgia when receiving a new Funko Pop of a childhood memory is worth it for any collector. 

Collectors may have many reasons for collecting but we can all agree that Funko Pops delivers nostalgia - and as Funko says: Everyode is a fan of something. 

At Pops of the Galaxy, we know collectors - because we are collectors! We know that collectors value the box, so we of course ship in protection and offer to send in soft protectors for an even better protection. Because to collectors, the box do matter.

We know that the right stickers matter to the right collectors. We are proud to say that we have the largest collection of US Exclusive in Denmark (and likely all of Scandinavia). Because to collectors, it matter.

Collecting is a joy, it's awesome and it's wholesome. That is why we always say #KeepCollecting


Corporate information:

Pops of the Galaxy is incorporated in Denmark with company registration number 41627719. Company address is DK-9210 Aalborg SO, Denmark. 

Company is registered for VAT under Danish legislation.

Feel free to reach out at any point on e-mail or by reaching out on your preferred social media.


Keep collecting!