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Have you ever considered collecting Funko Pops, and a wondering what the fuzz is about? Or maybe, you are already a collector, but you need to know a bit more than the basics. Well, we got you covered!


What is a Funko Pop?

A Funko Pop is a vinyl collectible figurine manufactured by the Funko company in USA.

The normal Funko Pop is 4inch, but sizes differ with the largest Funko Pop being 18inch.


Are there different types of Funko Pops?

Yes, the Funko Pops can have different types.

Some are flocked, which means they come with "fur". Others are diamond, glittery or metallic, which show a different glow to the Funko Pop. Lastly, some will glow in the dark or have a black light effect. All of these are marked with special stickers showing their speciality.


Does the box matter?

There is no definitive answer. Often, the value will decrease if there is no box, or if the box is damaged. If you want to display out of box (OOB), we offer Funko Pops at a lower value because of a damaged box.

To Pops of the Galaxy, the box matters, so we ship all Funko Pops expecting the box to matter for you.


What is a chase?

Some Funko Pops come in two variants with the chase option being the less common version (often 1 out of 6)


Why are there different prices on Funko Pops?

Some Funko Pops are released exclusively in for example in US. These Funko Pops will have an exclusive sticker on the box. Often will the same Funko Pop be released in Europe with a special edition sticker, which is often less sought after by collectors and will have a lower value.

Pops of the Galaxy are experts in US Exclusive stickers and we have the largest selection in all of the Nordics. We specify the type of sticker on all our products with stickers so you know excatcly what you get.


Why can't I find this Funko Pop?

Funko Pops are sometimes vaulted which means they are no longer in production. We have a broad selection of partners, so sometimes, we can find vaulted or grails for you.


How to display Funko Pops?

Only the imagination can stop you. There are two schools more or less: display in box or display out of box. 


US Exclusive Funko Pops

US Exclusive Funko Pops is a category of Funko Pops which are exclusive to a specific retailer store in USA. Funko distrubutes all of the exclusive Funko Pops to Target, to Boxlunch, to Hottopic, to Walmart, to Amazon and many, many other US retailers.

Pops of the Galaxy specialises in US Exclusive Funko Pops. With this, we mean that we have the largest selection of US Exclusives in all of the Nordics.

All of our Funko Pops are carefully packaged and shipped with love from our warehouse in Denmark. We do not know if the box is relevant to you, but it is to us. So we urge you to #KeepCollecting and share your collection regardless of you are collecting in-box or out of box.

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Convention Exclusives

Have you ever wondered how it feels to attend a Comic Con event? Or maybe - even better - you have a lovely memory of when you last attended?

Several times each year, major conventions are held and on these conventions - of course - special and exclusive Funko Pops. These Funko Pops will have a convention exclusive sticker.

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