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The Penguin And Duck Ride

The Penguin And Duck Ride

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Funko Pop #288 The Penguin And Duck Ride


"Just when you think you've outsmarted me, remember - a Penguin always waddles a step ahead, quack-quack!"

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Batman with our latest addition, the exquisitely crafted, Funko Pop's The Penguin And Duck Ride. This whimsical collectible, known from the iconic Batman saga, stands 6 inches in size, capturing every intricate detail impeccably while reinforcing its statement of superb craftsmanship. This Funko Pop is a part of the Rides category, putting a unique twist on our beloved characters by placing them in their renowned vehicles. It’s an appreciation of the exciting, pulse-pounding modes of transport popular in the cherished series. Featuring the iconic Penguin character comfortably seated in the Duck Ride, this Funko Pop recreates the charm and menace the character is associated with.

Its rich, eye-catching details make it an immediate attention grabber, perfect for displaying in your collection or gifting a Batman enthusiast. The Penguin and Duck Ride Funko Pop collectible is not just another product on the shelf but a prized 2022 Summer Convention Limited Edition piece. Indulge in the exclusivity and relive the magic of Batman with this limited-edition piece. Don't miss the opportunity to add this special edition to your collection. Explore our world of Funko Pop and let your favourite characters take the shape of your memories and fantasies.

The Penguin And Duck Ride is waiting for its new home. Unleash your fandom and keep the Batman saga alive with this exclusive Funko Pop collectible.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Batman

Category: Rides

Number: 288

Edition: 2022 Summer Convention Limited Edition

Height: 6inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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