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Baseball Freddy

Baseball Freddy

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Funko Pop #208 Baseball Freddy (2023 Wondrous Convention Limited Edition)


"Hey there, batter up! No game is ever lost or won till the last pitch is thrown. That's the spirit of Funko and Baseball Freddy!"

Welcome to your ultimate Funko Pop destination. Presenting the Baseball Freddy Funko Pop from our exclusive Funko collection. A stunning creation hailed directly from the widely popular Funko brand, the Baseball Freddy resonates with creativity and personality, the perfect blend to add to your expansive collection. Part of the limited editions released for the 2023 Wondrous Convention, Baseball Freddy is a special product, showcasing the remarkable craftsmanship of Funko Pops. This item stands at 4 inches, an optimal size for all you collectors out there seeking consistency and uniformity in your precious ensemble. The Baseball Freddy Funko Pop demonstrates an appealing juxtaposition of simplicity and attention to detail, maintaining the delightful and recognizable Funko Pop aesthetics. Known for their distinctive style and charming characteristics, Funko Pops are the ultimate icons of pop culture, and Baseball Freddy is no exception. Having been designed by the premier Funko, synonymous with quality and quirkiness, this piece promises to be an exceptional addition to your collection. Whether you're new to the world of Funko Pops or an avid collector, Baseball Freddy will undoubtedly satisfy your collection cravings. Grab the 2023 Wondrous Convention Limited Edition Baseball Freddy Funko Pop today! Add character, style, and an element of fun to your space with this extraordinary culmination of creativity and imagination, all packed into a 4-inch figure. Get ready to dive into the exciting Funko universe filled with color, entertainment, and endless surprises.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Funko

Category: Funko

Number: 208

Edition: 2023 Wondrous Convention Limited Edition

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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