Different types of Funko Pop collectors?

Different types of Funko Pop collectors?

Which type of Funko Pop collector are you?

Funko Pop collectors come in many shapes and sizes. For our general fun and humour, we have tried to satirically describe the different Funko Pop collectors here. This is all for fun, so please enjoy :-)

Have we missed any? .. and more importantly: which one are you?

Pops of the Galaxy are managed by all collectors ourselves. That's why we say #KeepCollecting!



All that matter is the Funko Pop. And why not? The Pop Figure is priceless, looks great on a shelf and need very little cleaning for dust. Well, let the housekeep take care of the dust and you are go to go! You like the Funko Pop almost as much as you love making videos tearing up the boxes!

And not caring for the boxes provides the best option for a lot of Pops at a cheap price!


The Freddy Fanboy

Who that? Freddy Funko is the idol of Funko and appear in a lot of shapes and sizes. Why not collect this bad boy? Because he is limited! Your collection is worth every penny you have, but have all Feddy's are cool!

See all Freddy Funko's in stock if you want to be this collector!


The Box Matters Most

Have you ever looked at your collection of boxes and thought to yourself "If only there were less Funko Pops and more box"? Then you might be The Box Matters Most collector. And by default, you collect protectors, as well.

And we feel you as many members of the Pops of the Galaxy team might be this type of collector, as well!


The Cares About Stickers

To this collector, the joy of collecting is getting the exact right Funko Pop with the exact right sticker. Who really cares for the Special Edition-sticker if you can get the Boxlunch exclusive version, right? And bragging to your fellow collectors that you have the right Funko Pop is worth quite a lot!


The Nostalgia 

You embrace your inner child, might dress in all green and fly off to Neverland. Nothing wrong with collecting Disney, Cartoon Network, Harry Potter or Anime. You have nostalgia written all over your collection and the childhood heroes have all joined the party!


Wanna start collecting and become one of these?


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