Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This year has been crazy and wild. We have transformed from a newly established Danish Funko Pops only store to a position with the biggest selection of US exclusive Funko Pops in all of the Nordics.


Pops of the Galaxy updates in 2021

This has, in fact, been a will year and we want to just highlight a few of the Pops of the Galaxy highlights from 2021:

  • We introduced our Reward program (POTG Rewards) which is completely free to use 
  • We introduced Week in Review where we each Sunday highlights all of the cool, new updates
  • We have move to a bigger warehouse location not only once, but twice, this year. We want to keep on adding massive amounts of grails, exclusives and commons also in the year to come. Currently, we have more than 1250 different in-stock Funko Pops
  • We have changed to a new payment processing provider and introduced MobilePay as an option. Q1 2022 will bring even more great options!
  • For our Danish and Swedish collectors, we offer free shipping on orders ... and we offer local pickup in Aalborg.
  • We completed a (we think) crazy Black Week and Cyber Monday. We had different exclusives on sale every day and introduced mystery boxes on Cyber Monday. We had fun, hope you did too!

We promise that 2022 will bring a lot of new updates, features and of course new cool Funko Pops!


2021 favourite Funko Pops

2021 meant a bunch of new releases from Funko. Our team has a special bond to the Harry Potter Deluxe release as this is just Funko on a new and cool way, the Black light series (how cool is the Galactus?!) and the Cartoon Network release because.. well because we were back in our childhood again! And we cannot forget new Pokémon - Charizard is fire!

And of course, all of the Convention exclusives which are just awesome in details (we especially love Stupid Sexy Flanders).

What do you think is the best 2021 Funko Pop release?


Have a great New Year - and see you in 2022!

Best wishes for all of the Pops of the Galaxy Team

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