Now is a great time to start building excitement

Now is a great time to start building excitement

Funko Comic Cons 2022

We now know the dates of the Comic Cons of 2022. And it is time to start building excitement because the Conventions always mean new exclusive Funko Pops! The Conventions are a great place for a special release from Funko, so we are already excited. 


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2022 Comic Con dates

  • WonderCon: April 2022
  • Star Wars Celebration: May 2022
  • SDCC: July 2022
  • ECCC: August 2022
  • D23 Expo: September 2022
  • NYCC: October 2022

Pops of the Galaxy adores the Convention Exclusives

... and thus similar to previous years, we will feature these Funko Pops in specific collections and pages for your excitement. 

2022 will be a great year!

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