Pitch Perfect.. or maybe Preorder Perfect?

Pitch Perfect .. or maybe Preorder Perfect?

Week in Review #25


This week has been all about exciting new upcoming US Exclusives which can already now be preordered. The joy of waiting for that next awesome addition to the collection, is maybe almost as great as reciving the mail call.. Almost!


News of the week


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Top 3

Every week we will name a top three of new Week in Review Funko Pops be it preorder, new release or a new item in-stock.

This week, the Pops of the Galaxy team has decided:

... At third place, we take a trip in the Benetar. Mantis joins Star-Lord as a Guardian (Pops) of the Galaxy. This Walmart Exclusive Funko Pop will ultimately connect to the full Benetar with all members of the crew. This is a Marvel must-have set in our view!

... At second place, we find ourself with a goddess with the power to create life. And this one is even flocked! Earth Day 2022 Walmart Exclusive Te Fiti is such a gem. If you collect Disney, you cannot miss this one.

... And at the number one spot. As we have said before, if you can choose a dragon, you choose a dragon. This one does not have a dragon, but a T-Rex is pretty darn close! This Walmart Exclusive Movie Moment featuring both the T-Rex and Claire luring it away with a flare is a masterful scene of the Jurassic World movie.


Pops of the Galaxy

Every Sunday, we present an update on the week that has passed. This update is called the Week in Review. Pops of the Galaxy is a Funko Pop niche store only operated digitally. We are based in Aalborg, Denmark. Our main objective is for new and excisting collectors to fall in love with the Funko Pop of their dreams - potentially re-connecting a great childhood memory. That is why we say #KeepCollecting

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