Shoot for the moon...

Shoot for the moon...

Week in Review #35


This week has been a little bit different than normal. Because no new Funko Pops has been added this week. There has also been no new releases from Funko, which we have wanted to add. But there might be something super coming soon!

Instread of the new Funko Pops, we wanted to give you all a chance to add something massive with discounted 6inch, 10inch and 18inch Funko Pops. And the discount of 30% (!) is still valid until the end of the day!

We will be back next week with new releases! Are you ready for a mailcall, then stay tuned!


News of the week


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Top 3

Every week we will name a top three of new Week in Review Funko Pops be it preorder, new release or a new item in-stock.


Top 3 will be back next week! :-)


Pops of the Galaxy

Every Sunday, we present an update on the week that has passed. This update is called the Week in Review. Pops of the Galaxy is a Funko Pop niche store only operated digitally. We are based in Aalborg, Denmark. Our main objective is for new and excisting collectors to fall in love with the Funko Pop of their dreams - potentially re-connecting a great childhood memory. That is why we say #KeepCollecting

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