Thump back to a forgotten time

Thump back to a forgotten time

Week in Review #28


In this week's Week in Review, it will be a look back in time. On a warm summer day at a long forgotten place in Denmark a few years ago, a group of Funko Pop collectors decided that cool and exclusives Funko Pops should be accessible to Funko collectors in Europe (and primarily Denmark, where we are based) - especially, because we all love "the real deal" with the "correct" stickers. This was the start of Pops of the Galaxy as you know and love today.

Why all this looking back? Well, this week has been a throwback to one of the most iconic movies of all time and we thought that commemorating a forgotten time (oh, another iconic movie which might have been important this week!) was a great chance to remember the start of it all.


News of the week


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Top 3

Every week we will name a top three of new Week in Review Funko Pops be it preorder, new release or a new item in-stock.

This week, the Pops of the Galaxy team has decided:

... At third place, we find ourself in a fun and exciting trip around a long forgotten island with long forgotten friends from the past. But, as we know, life finds a way. With Dr. Sattler treating Triceratops we are pretty much back to the first time watching Jurassic Park. 

... In second place, we have an offer you cannot refuse. Vito Corleone is our favourite of the Godfather movies. Is he also yours?

... And in first place, we cannot miss this cute rabbit. Bambi is an all-time great Disney movie and the characters are so fun and adorable. Especially for us in Denmark, as we celebrate Christmas with a lovely short story featuring Bambi and Thumper. We had to - HAD TO! - pick Thumper (Holding Feet) as our weekly favourite!


Pops of the Galaxy

Every Sunday, we present an update on the week that has passed. This update is called the Week in Review. Pops of the Galaxy is a Funko Pop niche store only operated digitally. We are based in Aalborg, Denmark. Our main objective is for new and excisting collectors to fall in love with the Funko Pop of their dreams - potentially re-connecting a great childhood memory. That is why we say #KeepCollecting

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