Week in Review #18 |... And the crowd goes wild!

Week in Review #18 | ... And the crowd goes wild!

Pops of the Galaxy | Week in Review #18

So many crazy events, so little time! Where should we even begin with this week? Well, let's start with the most important part of Pops of the Galaxy; The Funko Pops! This week, we received a massive amount of new, exclusive Funko Pops in the first major event of the year - we were pretty excited! 

Also, the largest Newspaper of Northern Jutland (where Pops of the Galaxy is headquartered) released a special on the team (in Danish). What did you think?


In other news, we have added these during the week

Do give our dedicted Week in Review page a view. All the new preorders and in-stock Funko Pops can be found there. You won't be disappointed!


Top 3

Every week we will name a top three of new Week in Review Funko Pops be it preorder, new release or a new item in-stock. 

This week we have deciced our top three as

3. Boxlunch Exclusive Mini Nezuko In Box #883 is so cute. Are you a fan of Demon Slayer, then you cannot miss this one!

2. The art series may be only for some, but the new TMNT series are wild! How cool is that Splinter?

1. Shameless self promotion, but this week we designate the Team's performance in the local newspaper as the top! 


Pops of the Galaxy

Every Sunday, we present an update on the week that has passed. This update is called the Week in Review

Pops of the Galaxy is a Funko Pop niche store only operated digitally. We are based in Aalborg, Denmark. Our main objective is for new and excisting collectors to fall in love with the Funko Pop of their dreams - potentially re-connecting a great childhood memory. That is why we say #KeepCollecting

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Top service. 10/10
Great People behind the site. Allways wery helpfull.
Best place to buy pops.


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