The Out Of Box collector

The OOB Collector

All that matter is the Funko Pop. And why not? The Pop Figure is priceless, looks great on a shelf and need very little cleaning for dust. Well, let the housekeep take care of the dust and you are go to go! You like the Funko Pop almost as much as you love making videos tearing up the boxes!


"Should you take the Funko Pop out of the box?" The OOB Collector will answer this with a clear YES!


When the OOB Collector receives new Funko Pops, it is rip it, tear the box and display the Funko Pop! And we understand that notion by all means because Funko Pops are so cool out of the box!


And as Funko themselves encourage you to take your Funko Pop figures and other products out of the boxes to enjoy them!


We have collected a bunch of cool Funko Pops where the box are not up to the standard we prefer ourselves. But to the OOB Collector, this is heaven! 

Pops for the OOB Collector!

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