Guess who’s back?

Guess who's back?

Week in Review #47


Guess who is back? After a short summer break, our popular Week in Review is back! 

A little over two years ago, a few collectors were discussing the lack of awesome US Exclusive Funko Pops for the in box collectors in Denmark. There were no valid option. This became the start of Pops of the Galaxy and shortly after, the shop launched. Over the course of the last two years, we have evolved into the largest selection of US Exclusives Denmark and the Nordics. We celebrate our two year anniversary with some cool discounts and a limited edition mystery box.

In this Week in Review, we will do a quick catch up on all the exciting updates from the last few weeks. Strap your safety belts, it is going to be wild!


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Highlights of the week

  • Fall Convention (NYCC 2022) Funko Pops are here and can now be preordered with a 15% discount. In our view, this Convention is going to be epic with Funko Pops from fandoms such as One Piece, DC, Dragonball Z, Disney, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation and many, many more. Find our preorder selection here.
  • D23 Expo revealed some magical new Disney Funko Pops. Our favourite is the Devil version of Kronk! Find our preorder selection here
  • Are you ready for Christmas? Preorder the 2022 Advent Calendar with a Marvel, Disney, Star Wars or Harry Potter theme. Find our complete selection here
  • We have added a ton of new US Exclusives. It does not matter if your favourite is Walmart, Boxlunch, AAAnime, Entertainment Earth, Amazon, Hottopic or Target. We have added Funko Pops from all our these retailers! Why do we love US Exclusives so much? Find out here!
  • Do you love Funko Pops with the Blacklight effect? We have added a brand new collection with all Blacklight Funko Pops, which you can find right here
  • Are you a Disney fan? You cannot miss the Walt Disney Word 50th Anniversary Funko Pops then! All of the non-Exclusives are up for preorder! Find them right here
  • One of the things we love about collecting Funko Pops is the different Fandoms and how cool the Funko Pops from each are. We have added a lot of cool Thor: Love and Thunder Funko Pops and if you love Thor, you should check it out.
  • ... And lots of other Funko pops!


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Top 3

Every week we will name a top three of new Week in Review Funko Pops be it preorder, new release or a new item in-stock.

This week, in third place, we have selected Hollywood Tower Hotel and Mickey Mouse from the Walt Disney Word 50th Anniversary. This is a spooky great Funko Pop!

In second place, we have selected Luffy with the Going Merry. From the Fall Convention, this one is a must have for any One Piece fan!

And.. in first place of this week. Our team has selected Garrick Ollivander with Ollivander's Wand Shop. This FunKon Limited Edition Funko Pop is a great addition to any Harry Potter collection!

 Guess who’s back?


Pops of the Galaxy

Every Sunday, we present an update on the week that has passed. This update is called the Week in Review. Pops of the Galaxy is a Funko Pop niche store only operated digitally. We are based in Aalborg, Denmark. Our main objective is for new and excisting collectors to fall in love with the Funko Pop of their dreams - potentially re-connecting a great childhood memory. That is why we say #KeepCollecting

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