Fall Convention 2022 (New York Comic Con)

Funko has named this years Fall Convention (New York Comic Con) Frightmare on Fun Street. This is a perfect description of the horror of the Halloween period and the fun of Convention Funko Pops. All the excitement is worth a #KeepCollecting

At Fall Convention 2022, Funko presents Funko Pops from DC, Disney, Dragon Ball Z, Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons, One Piece, Marvel, Star Wars and many, many other Fandoms!

But fear not, you can preorder you favourite today and until the end of September with a 15% off. Use discount code NYCC2022 and add minimum two of the cool new Funko Pops to your order.

Collection: Fall Convention 2022

We love collecting Convention Exclusives

The Convention always bring new, fun and awesome exclusives. These events are a fan favourite at Pops of the Galaxy and we cannot wait to the releases whether it be Disney, Marvel or maybe some new Ad Icons.

We have collected a list of our favourite Convention Exclusives. #KeepCollecting