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Ammit (Target Exclusive)

Ammit (Target Exclusive)

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Funko Pop #1052 Ammit (Target Exclusive)


"As devourer of the unworthy, Justice is not my obligation... it's my nature." - Ammit

Embrace the incredible world of Marvel with our exclusive Funko Pop Ammit figurine. Impeccably crafted and magnificently detailed, this Ammit hails from the fantastic realm of Moon Knight and brings a slice of the Marvel universe right into your home. Standing at a versatile 4 inches, this Funko Pop effortlessly fits amongst your existing collection or stands out as a statement piece on its own. As part of our esteemed Marvel category, the Ammit Funko Pop injects a dash of thrill and adventure into your assortment of collectibles. Known for its defining characteristics and remarkable resemblance to the character you admire from your favourite Moon Knight series, this collectible is the ideal addition for all ardent Marvel fans. By selecting our Target Exclusive Funko Pop Ammit, you not only experience ownership of an exclusive piece but also become a part of a special niche community of fanatics who share your enthusiasm and zeal. This Ammit Funko Pop promises to impress with its intricate detailing, accurate depiction, and overpowering aura that it imitates from its Moon Knight counterpart. Indulge in the enticing world of Marvel Funko Pops and enjoy the iconic presence of Ammit in your collection. Remember, this is a Target exclusive offering of the Funko Pop universe, a chance too delightful to pass up. Secure your collectible today and revel in the sublime world of Marvel, one Funko Pop at a time.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Moon Knight

Category: Marvel

Number: 1052

Edition: Target Exclusive

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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