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Anakin Skywalker In Naboo Starfighter (With R2-D2)

Anakin Skywalker In Naboo Starfighter (With R2-D2)

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Funko Pop #677 Anakin Skywalker In Naboo Starfighter (With R2-D2)


"R2, strap in. We've got a galaxy to save. May the force be with us."

Fly through the galaxies with this exclusive Funko Pop offering - Anakin Skywalker In Naboo Starfighter, complete with the trusty R2-D2! This magnificent model perfectly represents the adventure and excitement from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Measuring 15 cm in height, it's perfect for adding a pop of interstellar intrigue to any Star Wars collection.

This item belongs to the iconic Star Wars Funko Pop series and is especially known for its accurate representation of electrifying scenes from the epic space saga Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Even the minutest details are lavishly highlighted in this Funko Pop model, bringing to life the bold character of Anakin Skywalker, and his trusty sidekick R2-D2, as we saw them in the Naboo Starfighter. This exclusive item is part of the Hyperspace Heroes series and available only on Amazon. Its high-quality and precision detailing makes this Funko Pop a coveted collectors' item and an impressive gift for fans of the Star Wars universe.

Display this on your shelves or desk, and watch Anakin Skywalker set off for his legendary journey through the cosmos once again. So, Star Wars fans, ready to ride the thrill of hyperspace with Anakin and R2-D2? Order this exclusive Anakin Skywalker In Naboo Starfighter Funko Pop now and complete your galaxy of Star Wars collection today!


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Known from: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Category: Star Wars

Number: 677

Edition: Hyperspace Heroes, Amazon Exclusive

Height: 15 cm

Shipping: From Denmark


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