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Funko Pop #1 Belle (Special Edition)


"I refuse to let fear dictate my story. Instead, I choose to explore, to love, and unleash the beauty of knowledge and courage."

Delve into the enchanting world of "Beauty and the Beast" with this special edition VHS Covers Belle Funko Pop. Standing at an impressive 6 inches, this prized addition to any Disney fan's collection perfectly encapsulates the allure and charm of the book-loving princess, Belle. Each detail has been crafted with precision, representing the unmistakable sophistication of Belle as known from the timeless classic, "Beauty and the Beast".

With its vibrant colors and high-quality finish, this Belle Funko Pop captures the essence of the character in one small, collectible figurine. As a part of the VHS Covers category, this Funko Pop brings a touch of nostalgia, reminding you of the joy of rifling through VHS tapes to find your favorite Disney movie. Its delightful box design mimicking the classic VHS case will transport you back to simpler days. This Belle Funko Pop is a Special Edition unit. This unique feature makes it an exciting and rare find for any Funko Pop collector or avid Disney enthusiast.

Whether for display or play, the fusion of nostalgia, quality craftsmanship, and fan-favorite character ensures this figurine is a must-have. With a figurine as timeless as Belle in your collection, you will undoubtedly have a piece of the "Beauty and the Beast" magic in your hands. Thus, summon fond movie memories and spark conversations with this adorable Belle Funko Pop. Place it in your cart today for an irresistible splash of Disney charm in your home or office.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Beauty and the Beast

Category: VHS Covers

Number: 1

Edition: Special Edition

Height: 6inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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