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Cher (Diamond)

Cher (Diamond)

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Funko Pop #340 Cher (Diamond) (Amazon Exclusive)


"Diamonds are just rocks, but it's their shine that makes them precious; same goes for people, it's our individual spark that makes us priceless." 

Step into the glamorous world of pop culture with this striking Cher (Diamond) Funko Pop! A dazzling addition to your collection, this Amazon Exclusive figure brings the iconic singer, widely known from her diverse career in music and Hollywood, to life like never before. Part of the esteemed Funko Pop 'Rocks' category, this figure encapsulates all the timeless glamour that Cher has come to represent.

Meticulously crafted to a standard 4-inch size, this vibrant piece is designed to be the sparkling highlight of your collection - a beacon of glitz and allure. Imparting a sense of high-class exclusivity, it encapsulates the 'Diamond Collection' from Funko Pop - a range renowned for it's beautiful, jewel-encrusted finish. Exclusive to Amazon, it represents not only the prestige associated with the collection but also the convenience of top-tier online shopping.

Funko Pop’s Cher (Diamond) figure is a three-dimensional ode to a unique style icon – reflective in nature with a metallic sheen that brilliantly sparkles. The attention to detail on this figure, combined with the theme of the pop-art style, make it an irresistible buy for fans of Cher, music aficionados, and Funko Pop collectors alike. Impeccably designed and radiating an eye-catching sparkle, this collectible figure is a perfect way to celebrate your love for this remarkable singer. So, if you are an avid Cher lover, or know a fan who would appreciate this limited edition gift, order now to add some rock 'n roll glitz to your Funko Pop collection.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Cher

Category: Rocks

Number: 340

Edition: Amazon Exclusive, Diamond collection

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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