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Funko Pop #1244 Chuckles (Spirit Exclusive)


"Life's a bit like a movie, isn't it? Only difference, my tricks have a more delicious treat at the end!"

Welcome to our Funko Pop niche store where we bring your favorite movie characters to life in miniature form! Here's an exclusive piece specially designed for all the movie lovers out there!

Presenting our spirited exclusive - the Funko Pop Chuckles, straight out from the favorite Halloween movie 'Trick 'n' Treat'. Adorn your collection with this 4-inch delight, which pays an artistic tribute to one of the most iconic characters of modern-day cinema. Chuckles has gained widespread popularity for its striking peculiarities and details. It embodies the mischievous character from the film in such a way that you can’t help but admire its eccentric personality. Made with meticulous attention to tiny details, Chuckles’ detail-oriented design portrays a captivating replica of the iconic character from your favorite movie.

Our exclusive Spirit collection puts the 'Pop!' in pop culture collectibles, offering a character companion that's both desirable and realistically embodyable. Making a perfect piece for home decoration, desktop accessory, or on a shelf amongst your collection. With the Funko Pop Chuckles, get ready to bring home the oozing charm and bewildering mystery of the 'Trick 'n' Treat' movie. Ideal for gifting, this Funko Pop Chuckles is a must-have for dedicated fans. A definite conversation piece that will add an engaging touch to your surroundings.

Remember, “costume’s not the only thing on ‘party mode’ this Halloween”, get your Funko Pop Chuckles, it's always in the spirit for a Trick 'n' Treat. Visit our store and add this incredible piece to your ever-growing Funko Pop collection!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Trick'n'Treat

Category: Movies

Number: 1244

Edition: Spirit Exclusive

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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