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Chucky & Tiffany

Chucky & Tiffany

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Funko Pop #2 Chucky & Tiffany (Hot Topic Exclusive)


"Love is more than just being with someone. It's about sharing an insatiable lust for carnage. Right, Tiff?"

Experience a slice of classic horror brought directly to your collectibles shelf with this exquisite Chucky & Tiffany Funko Pop! This product, deemed a must-have item from our Movies category, pays homage to the infamous duo from the frighteningly entertaining "Chucky & Tiffany" film series. The iconic design turned adorable by Funko's unique style will definitely grab the attention of both hardcore collectors and casual fans alike.

Sized at a sizable 2-pack, this Funko Pop is going to command presence wherever it is placed, from a themed display to a casual work desk setting. The meticulously recreated details on each character ensure an accurate miniature representation that could spring to life any moment! This item is not only an ordinary Funko Pop, but it's also a Hot Topic Exclusive! By adding this unique variant to your collection, you underscore your status as an avid collector who appreciates uniqueness and exclusivity.

Chucky & Tiffany have been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, embodying the aesthetic that has made Funko Pop figurines universally adored. So why wait? Inject an element of thrill into your collection with the Chucky & Tiffany Funko Pop. Your visitor’s admiring glances will prove that this is a frivolous, fearsome, and fantastic addition that warrants being part of any serious Funko Pop collection. Shop with us today and indulge your appetite for the macabre and the exclusive!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Chucky & Tiffany

Category: Movies

Number: 2

Edition: Blacklight, Hot Topic Exclusive

Height: 2-Pack

Shipping: From Denmark


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