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Cinderella (Diamond)

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Funko Pop #1318 Cinderella (Diamond) (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)


"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again. Just keep believing, and your dream will come true."

Jazz up your collectibles with the dazzling Disney-liscenced Cinderella (Diamond) Funko Pop! This shiny gem tops at 4 inches and is a perfect addition to light up any shelf, desk or collection case. The figure's captivating allure lies in its unique Diamond Collection sparkle, hinting at Cinderella's magical transformation night. From her iconic blue ballgown to her radiant glow, each detail is painstakingly replicated to mirror the beloved fairy tale princess.

Exclusively available at Barnes & Noble outlets, this Funko Pop guarantees authentic craftsmanship and superb quality. Its size is ideal for all Disney fans— big enough to make a statement, yet small enough to not take too much space. The product's sparkle, combined with the endearing charm of Cinderella, is sure to bring joy to Disney enthusiasts and Funko Pop collectors alike.

Whether you want to gift it to a fellow Disney enthusiast, start your own Funko Pop collection, or simply spruce up your existing collection, the Cinderella (Diamond) Funko Pop is an excellent choice. Catch the magic before the clock strikes midnight and add a touch of sparkle to your Disney Funko Pops collection today with this enchanting Barnes & Noble exclusive!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Cinderella

Category: Disney

Number: 1318

Edition: Barnes & Noble Exclusive, Diamond Collection

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark