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Civil War: Hawkeye

Civil War: Hawkeye

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Funko Pop #1144 Civil War: Hawkeye (Amazon Exclusive)


"The moment you start thinking you're a hero, you forget what it means to be one. We're not heroes, we're not Gods, we're just doing our jobs."

Step into the thrilling world of Marvel with our Amazon-exclusive Civil War: Hawkeye Funko Pop! This rare collectible, standing at 4 inches tall, is a must-have for all true Marvel enthusiasts. Attention to detail has always been a hallmark of Funko Pop, and this Hawkeye figure is no exception. It perfectly captures the likeness of the skilled archer from the heart-racing "Civil War" saga, making it an ideal addition to your Funko Pop Marvel collection. This unique piece stands proudly at 4 inches, making it impossible to miss when proudly displayed on your shelf, desk, or wherever you exhibit your passion for the Marvel Universe.

The Amazon-exclusive tag further increases its value. Considering the popularity and the beloved status of Hawkeye among Marvel aficionados, this Funko Pop won't stay in the store for long. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this stellar representation of one of Marvel's most tenacious and fascinating characters. The Civil War: Hawkeye Funko Pop is not just another piece of merchandise, but a ticket to a realm filled with excitement, adventure, and superhuman feats – the Marvel Universe. Remember, this product is exclusively available on our Amazon store. Do not wait any longer; bring Hawkeye into your Marvel Funko Pop collection today!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Civil War

Category: Marvel

Number: 1144

Edition: Amazon Exclusive

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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