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Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

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Funko Pop #326 Corey Taylor (Hottopic Exclusive)


"Music is the emotional lifeblood of who we are, no matter what culture, society, or type of person. It has the power to inspire, heal, and communicate in ways no other medium can." 

Step right into the world of Rock with our exclusive Corey Taylor Funko Pop! Known for his riveting performances as the frontman of the world-renowned band, Slipknot, Corey's dynamic persona has been perfectly captured in this 4-inch vinyl figure. This collectible is a part of our unique Rocks Category, specially created for music aficionados.

This Funko Pop version of Corey highlights all the details that fans love about him, from his signature stage attire to his unique style, making it a must-have addition to any Funko Pop collection. As an exclusive Hot Topic product, this Corey Taylor Funko Pop is not just a treat for Slipknot fans but for all lovers of rock music around the globe. This special edition Funko Pop has been crafted with extreme care and attention to detail, ensuring it'll stand out in your collection. Incorporate a dash of the rock-n-roll spirit in your home or office space with the Corey Taylor Funko Pop.

Its compact size makes it an ideal piece of memorabilia to showcase anywhere. A purchase that truly echoes Corey's mantra of living life loud, this Funko Pop resonates with the vibrant energy of rock music. Perfect for gifting or keeping it all for yourself, this Corey Taylor Funko Pop is a striking representation of one of rock music's most iconic figures. So don’t delay, grab our exclusive Corey Taylor Funko Pop today and let the spirit of rock music reverberate in your surroundings.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Slipknot

Category: Rocks

Number: 326

Edition: Hot Topic Exclusive

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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