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Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus

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Funko Pop #957 Doctor Octopus 


"Spider-Man, as brilliant as you are, you're still just a child compared to me. You'll never understand the purity of science, the beauty of eight dancing limbs!"

Step into the exciting world of Marvel with our 4-inch Funko Pop Doctor Octopus! Inspired from the highly-adored Spider-Man series, this stylized collectible brings life to one of the most enigmatic villains, Doctor Octopus, specializing in capturing the character's infamous look. Perfect for Marvel enthusiasts and Funko Pop collectors alike, this particular piece boasts premium detailing and vibrant colors, complemented by the standard size of 4 inches, fitting seamlessly in your display rack or desk. It's not just another action figure to add to your collection, it's a symbol of your love for Spider-Man and the captivating universe of super-villains. So why wait? Start or continue your Funko Pop journey with our 4-inch Doctor Octopus figurine - a must-have Marvel masterpiece!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Spider-Man

Category: Marvel

Number: 957


Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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