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Dwight Schrute (As Dark Lord)

Dwight Schrute (As Dark Lord)

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Funko Pop #1010 Dwight Schrute (As Dark Lord)

Oh big deal, three round pieces of paper taped to a shirt, this cost me 129 dollars!


The Office is an alltime favourite if you like everyday comedy. Who cannot imagine the Dwight of your own office dress up as a Sith Lord at the Office costume party? This Funko Pop features Dwight Schrute as the Dark Sith Lord and not his normal office attire. It also features the Specialty Series exclusive sticker! 


All that you also need to know..

Known from: The Office

Category: Television

Number: 1010

Edition: Speciality Series Exclusive

Height: 9 cm.

Shipping: From Denmark



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