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Fancy Groot (Flocked)

Fancy Groot (Flocked)

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Funko Pop #1191 Fancy Groot (Flocked) (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)


"I'm the epitome of elegance, darling. I am Groot."

Make a unique addition to your Marvel collection with our exclusive Fancy Groot (Flocked) Funko Pop. Let this 4-inch charming figure straight from the iconic 'I am Groot' steal the spotlight of your showcase. Recognized for its exquisite details, the Fancy Groot (Flocked) Funko Pop is a must-have for any Marvel fan. It's not just another Pop. What sets this product apart is its flocked texture, giving it a soft and fuzzy feel, which accurately represents Groot's bark-like skin.

Importantly, this particular item is a Barnes & Noble Exclusive. Yes, you heard it right! Your chance to own this limited-edition figure is right here. So why wait? Elevate your Pop! collection to Marvelous heights and let Groot's lovable character spread delight around. This excellent piece of craftsmanship comes from the Marvel universe, adding the beloved tree-like superhero that many of us have admired since we first heard "I am Groot". Sized perfectly at a standard Funko Pop's 4 inches, this little guy can fit anywhere - be it your office desk, bookshelf, or even in your car's dashboard.

So, are you ready to welcome the Fancy Groot (Flocked) Funko Pop into your Marvel universe? A charming addition to your collection, and a perfect gift for any dedicated collector or Marvel enthusiast. Capturing the spirit and essence of Groot in a fun-loving, distinctive Pop style, it's truly a standout amongst any figure set. Grab this unique Funko Pop today and immerse yourself deeper into the fantastic world of Marvel!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: I am Groot

Category: Marvel

Number: 1191

Edition: Flocked, Barnes & Noble Exclusive

Height: 4 inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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