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Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami

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Funko Pop #1329 Fumikage Tokoyami (Hot Topic Exclusive)


"Darkness is not a symbol of evil. It is a world that coexists with the light, where I draw my strength and protect my friends."

Step into the animated world of "My Hero Academia" with this captivating Fumikage Tokoyami Funko Pop! This unique collectable stands at 4 inches tall and is a wonderful addition to any Funko Pop collectors or anime enthusiast's collection. Specifically designed to capture the essence of the mysterious and enigmatic Fumikage Tokoyami, this beautifully crafted Funko Pop figure is brought to life by its intricate detailing, from his raven-like appearance to his superhero costume.

If you're a fan of "My Hero Academia", you can't miss the chance to own a little piece of the action! This exclusive item belongs to our Animation category, making it the perfect choice for fans of the genre. What makes this Fumikage Tokoyami Funko Pop extra special is its exclusivity – it’s a Hot Topic Exclusive which means you won't find it everywhere! Don't miss this chance to expand your collection with a stand-out piece that brings your favorite character to life in such a unique way.

Whether you're planning to keep Fumikage Tokoyami on your office desk as a daily source of inspiration or display him on your shelf alongside your growing "My Hero Academia" collection, this Funko Pop is sure to bring joy and ignite memories of your favorite animated series. Get your hands on this Fumikage Tokoyami Funko Pop and bring the world of "My Hero Academia" into your everyday life. Shop today, while stocks last!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: My Hero Academia

Category: Animation

Number: 1329

Edition: Hot Topic Exclusive

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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