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Geralt & Vesemir

Geralt & Vesemir

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Funko Pop #2 Geralt & Vesemir (Walmart Exclusive)


Geralt: "Monsters are not born, they are created. And it is our duty to undo the chaos they invoke." Vesemir: "In this life, it's not what you hope for, it's what you work for. The sword doesn't swing itself, lad."

Introducing the outstanding Walmart Exclusive Geralt & Vesemir Funko Pop Characters from "The Witcher" Television series! This unique collector's set is a must-have addition for every Funko Pop enthusiast, particularly ones who are captivated by the magical world of "The Witcher".

These beautifully-crafted figures, each with a height of 9 cm, perfectly capture the essence of the courageous monster slayer, Geralt of Rivia, and his sagacious mentor, Vesemir. With their realistic detail and vibrant colors, they recreate the memorable characters as you know and love from your TV screens. Right from their meticulously sculpted outfits to their character-specific props, every aspect of these Funko Pop figures has been developed with impeccable attention to detail.

These Funko Pops will not only be the perfect accent to your collection, but they would also make an exceptional gift for any Witcher fan. Experience the thrill of owning an exclusive piece of your favorite show "The Witcher" in the form of these sophisticated yet adorable Funko Pops! Now is your chance to bring home the exclusive adventures of Geralt and Vesemir!

Our Funko Pop Geralt & Vesemir figures captivate the spirit of the series and offer timeless appeal. It is a piece that will undeniably enrich your personal collection or make a perfect gift for any dedicated fan of "The Witcher". Invest in this exclusive memento today!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: The Witcher

Category: Television

Number: 2

Edition: Walmart Exclusive

Height: 9 cm

Shipping: From Denmark


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