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Gizmo (Blacklight)

Gizmo (Blacklight)

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Funko Pop #1420 Gizmo (Blacklight) (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)


Bright lights, big danger, huh? Just keep the noise down, we're in sneaky mode!

Unleash your love for movies with our unique Funko Pop Gizmo Blacklight edition, an Entertainment Earth Exclusive! These captivating and compact collectibles are designed with outstanding details to bring your favorite characters to life. Known from the iconic Gremlins movie, the Gizmo Funko Pop captures the mischievous yet endearing personality of one of Hollywood's most memorable creatures.

Drenched in an enchanting blacklight hue, this 9 cm figurine features Gizmo's famously adorable features with an eerie, visually stimulating twist. Perfect for seasoned collectors or new enthusiasts, this Funko Pop figure serves not only as a remarkable item for display but also an entry ticket to join the Funko community. Add flair to your workspace or a splash of color to your living room with Gizmo’s radiant presence.

Whether you're a die-hard Gremlins fan, a Funko Pop addict, or simply hunting for a unique gift, this product is sure to be a delightful addition. Join other fans who have expanded their fantasy world with our vibrantly-painted Gizmo (Blacklight) Funko Pop and order yours today. Celebrate your cinephile spirit with our line of Funko Pop movie-themed figurines! Make a statement with Gizmo Blacklight and let it stand proudly amongst your prized collection. Go ahead, bask in the nostalgia, and let the magic of collectible funkos take over!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Gremlins

Category: Movies

Number: 1420

Edition: Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Height: 9 cm

Shipping: From Denmark


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