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Gloomy Bear

Gloomy Bear

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Funko Pop #1218 Gloomy Bear (Toy Tokio New Year 2022 Limited Edition)


"No matter how dark the world may seem, remember there's always a rainbow waiting after the storm." 

Discover our newest arrival, the charming Gloomy Bear Funko Pop! This remarkable collectible is sure to delight both seasoned Funko collectors and Gloomy Bear fans alike. Recognized from the beloved Animation category, this Funko Pop is a delightful representation of the infamous Gloomy Bear that we've all grown to know and love. The Gloomy Bear Funko Pop stands at a perfect display size of 4 inches, matching beautifully with other pops in your collection, yet subtly asserting its unique charm. Each detail on this pop has been meticulously crafted, revealing the quality and character Funko Pop is globally renowned for.

What sets this Funko Pop apart is its exclusivity - it's a Toy Tokio New Year 2022 Limited Edition. This exclusive Funko Pop, full of personality and charm, is a special edition released in celebration of the new year. As such, it's a cherished addition to any collection, and a stellar piece of fascination for any Gloomy Bear enthusiast. Bring home the spirit of animation and the joy of Funko Pops with this Gloomy Bear collectible. It's a visual delight and a collector's treasure, radiating enchanting charisma that will never grow old. Unite with fellow Funko aficionados worldwide and commemorate 2022 in style with this playful Toy Tokio limited edition. Secure your Gloomy Bear Funko Pop today and add a dash of animation magic to your collection!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Gloomy Bear

Category: Animation

Number: 1218

Edition: Toy Tokio New Year 2022 Limited Edition

Height: 4inch

Shipping: From Denmark


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