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Kermit & Constantine (2-pack) [preorder]

Kermit & Constantine (2-pack) [preorder]

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Funko Pop #2 Kermit & Constantine (2-pack) (Hottopic Exclusive)

Kermit: "It's not easy being green, but it's important to always be true to yourself." Constantine: "Kermit might be a goody-two-shoes, but remember this - it isn't easy being mean, either!"

Brighten up your Funko Pop collection with this unique 2-pack Kermit & Constantine set! This bundle of joy, known from the globally adored TV series - The Muppets, is a must-have for every Funko pop enthusiast. Measuring at a compact size of 9cm, these figures are the perfect addition to your desk, shelf, or any space in need of a splash of charm and color. With radiant smiles that are bound to light up any room, Kermit and Constantine, the most celebrated characters from The Muppets, are all set to bring fun and cheer right at your doorstep.

Attractively styled and meticulously crafted, these figures capture the delightful essence of The Muppets, promising a wonderfully nostalgic and memorable addition to your Funko Pop collection. This two-figure package, a Hottopic exclusive, adds an extra touch of rarity and distinctiveness to this special set. So why wait? Add some Muppet magic to your display with this exclusive 2-pack of Kermit & Constantine Funko Pop figures! It's more than just a purchase – it's an immersion into the quirky, joyful world of The Muppets.

All that you also need to know..

Known from: The Muppets

Category: The Muppets

Number: 2

Edition: Hottopic Exclusive

Height: 9cm

Shipping: From Denmark

This is a preorder item. We expect to have the item in stock in Q2 2024 but delays can occur.

Please be aware that if ordering preorder items with in-stock items that the order will only ship as complete (all items in one shipment). The item with the latest delivery date is likely when your order will be dispatched in full (it may be part shipped but only at our discretion).

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