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Funko Pop #1575 Sasori (Funko Exclusive)


Art is an explosion that continues to live on, forever in time.

Dive into the animated world of Naruto with our Funko Pop Sasori figure! This expertly crafted exclusive piece stands at a compact 9cm tall, making it a perfect addition to any anime fan’s collection. Known from the globally popular animation, Naruto, Sasori has been beautifully molded into the distinctive style of Funko Pop figures.

Drawn straight from the heart of anime culture, the Sasori Funko Pop offers a unique touch to your memorabilia collection. Its size allows for convenient display on your desk, shelf, or amongst your other anime collectibles, without commanding too much space. As a Funko Exclusive, this figure offers a specialized design that stands out from the typical fan merchandise. It captures Sasori's distinct features, making it an impressive item for both dedicated and casual Naruto fans.

With its remarkable attention to detail, you'll feel as if Sasori himself has jumped right out of the animated series and onto your display shelf! From long-time collectors to those just beginning their journey into the vibrant world of anime collectibles, our Sasori Funko Pop serves as a must-have piece. Not just a simple toy, but a submersive collectible that celebrates the spirit and charm of Naruto's famed character - Sasori. Be quick to get yours today, as this exclusive Funko Pop won't stay in stock for long!


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Naruto

Category: Animation

Number: 1575

Edition: Funko Exclusive

Height: 9cm

Shipping: From Denmark


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