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Snake Eating Its Tail

Snake Eating Its Tail

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Funko Pop #1330 Snake Eating Its Tail (Hottopic Exclusive)


"The beginning is the end, and the end, my friend, is but another beginning. We are all merely dancing to the rhythm of eternity, stuck in a perpetual cycle of creation, destruction, and rebirth."

Unveil the phenomenal realism of Loki's transcendent moment with this exclusive 'Snake Eating its Tail' Funko Pop. This hot merchandise, exclusive to the Hot Topic collection, showcases a premium rendition of the moment, known from the critically acclaimed TV Show - Loki. Standing tall at 15 cm, this Funko Pop is an impressive addition to your collection, adducing a fantastic portrayal of the much-loved Loki encounter. The fine detailing holds true to the essence of the character, making it an enduring item amongst fans and collectors alike.

This 'Snake Eating Its Tail' Funko Pop takes center stage in the 'Moment' category, presenting Loki fans with an unforgettable keepsake to cherish. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Loki and share the fandom with friends who also appreciate the character's charisma. Celebrate the enduring appeal of the multifaceted Loki experience with this standout piece. Shop now and get ready to be swept off your feet by the meticulous representation of this exclusive Funko Pop! Relive the magic at every glance, and elevate your collection to new heights with this dazzling piece of memorabilia.


All that you also need to know..

Known from: Loki

Category: Moment

Number: 1330

Edition: Hot Topic Exclusive

Height: 15 cm

Shipping: From Denmark


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