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Son Guko (Jumbo) [preorder]

Son Guko (Jumbo) [preorder]

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Funko Pop #1549 Son Guko (Jumbo) (TargetCon 2024)

Believe in your strength and use it to protect those you love. A true warrior isn't measured by his size but by the size of his heart.

Get ready to add a flair of excitement to your Funko pop collection with the magnificently designed Son Guko (Jumbo) Funko Pop figure! Standing at a hefty 25cm, this collectible figure brings your favorite character from the widely popular Naruto series to life.

From the Animation category, this unique piece is set to ramp up the enthusiasm of the Naruto and animation fanatics. Crafted with intricate details, the Son Guko Funko Pop mirrors the character’s strength, agility, and charisma, delivering an exquisite realism that's second to none. This limited-edition figure not only enhances your animation memorabilia but also makes for a perfect gift for the avid collectors. The whopping 25cm size makes it a noticeable artifact in your display case that's hard to miss.

What sets this Funko Pop apart is its connection with TargetCon 2024. A much-anticipated event for fandom and pop culture enthusiasts, owning this Son Guko (Jumbo) figure might be your early ticket to be a part of this grand celebration. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of your beloved anime! The Son Guko (Jumbo) Funko Pop, with its captivating appeal, is not just a product, it’s a memento for Naruto fanatics, animation lovers, and Funko Pop collectors.

All that you also need to know..

Known from: Naruto

Category: Animation

Number: 1549

Edition: TargetCon 2024

Height: 25cm

Shipping: From Denmark

This is a preorder item. We expect to have the item in stock in Q2 2024 but delays can occur.

Please be aware that if ordering preorder items with in-stock items that the order will only ship as complete (all items in one shipment). The item with the latest delivery date is likely when your order will be dispatched in full (it may be part shipped but only at our discretion).

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