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Umbreon (Jumbo) [preorder]

Umbreon (Jumbo) [preorder]

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Funko Pop #950 Umbreon (Jumbo) (TargetCon 2024)

"With the veil of night as my shield, and the moon as my guide, I face the shadows fearlessly."

Set your sights on an exciting new addition to your collection with the incredible Jumbo Umbreon Funko Pop from the popular Pokemon series. This massive, 25cm collectible is the perfect centerpiece strewn with meticulous attention to detail. Whether you treat yourself or uniquely surprise someone else, it adds a magical touch to any space it graces. Being a part of the coveted Games category, this classic Funko Pop pays a perfect tribute to the world-renowned game, Pokemon.

It expertly recreates the sleek, dark elegance of Umbreon, a fan-favorite Pokemon known far and wide for its mythical appeal. With this ultimate collectible, you're not just buying a product, but a piece of the magical Pokemon universe that sparks nostalgia and rounds off your collection with a standout piece. This Umbreon (Jumbo) Funko Pop was a special release for TargetCon 2024, making it an esteemed part of any pop culture aficionado's collection. With its towering size and iconic character design, it's assured to intrigue onlookers and ignite conversations. Capture both the finely detailed figure and the heart of every Pokemon enthusiast by bringing this one-of-a-kind Jumbo Umbreon Funko Pop into your collection.

Whether it's catching the eye from a display shelf or enticing fellow collectors, it's sure to bring the captivating world of Pokemon to your home in a whole new way. Order it now and let the Jumbo Umbreon Funko Pop bring all the fun and enjoyment that Pokemon is known for, directly to your doorstep. This collectible isn't just a product, it's an experience and a must-have for any Pokemon fan. Don't miss out on the chance to make this desirable collectible yours!

All that you also need to know..

Known from: Pokemon

Category: Games

Number: 950

Edition: TargetCon 2024

Height: 25cm

Shipping: From Denmark

This is a preorder item. We expect to have the item in stock in Q2 2024 but delays can occur.

Please be aware that if ordering preorder items with in-stock items that the order will only ship as complete (all items in one shipment). The item with the latest delivery date is likely when your order will be dispatched in full (it may be part shipped but only at our discretion).

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